The personnel of C.P. Essenze boasts the presence of perfumers whose experience, accompanied by a creative work, is one of the fundamental resources. The commercial structure composed of experienced sales agents covers almost the whole country, along with recent collaborations abroad. This allows a quality service, which includes Customer assistance from first contact through to the production and post-sales.

The Company

C.P. Essences Srl was born in Villanova di Castenaso near Bologna, in 1994, from the twenty-year experience in the essences of its founders. The efforts made by the Company to operate according to high standards, and to respond quickly to specific Customer requirements, allowed C.P. Essenze to consolidate its position among the main perfume houses in Italy. This continued growth has made it necessary in 2001 to open a new Headquarter in San Lazzaro, whose size and structure allows a greater flexibility, continuity and Customer service.

R & D

The keys for the Company’s success are creativity, constant attention to market trends, choice of raw materials and careful selection of essential oils. In the laboratory the work of perfumers, one of the fundamental resources of the company, is supported by the most modern and precise instruments in this sector. This allows the laboratory of C.P. Essenze to monitor constantly the products on the market, thus ensuring a steady increase of its know-how in order to offer Customers a 360° service: from the quest for customized solutions, through tests on raw materials and verification of all technical aspects, and finally to the development of fragrances which respond to Customer needs and current market trends. The Company is a member of group “Aromi e Fragranze” at Federchimica, which ensures accurate knowledge concerning security and European laws, allowing the transmission to Customers of all information needed for the proper treatment of the essences.





The production of an essence has always been characterized by an aura of alchemy and handcraftsmanship. While maintaining this characteristic feature, the production processes are carried out by qualified personnel, equipped with modern precision scales and mixing equipment, which guarantee a perfect preparation of the product. The adequacy of the production structure allows to respond quickly to the demands of an increasingly dynamic market. The production department allows competitive delivery times, and readily responds to each Customer’s request.




Via Ronco Maruni, 30
S. Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna)


Tel: 051 452141
Fax: 051 450104

M-T: 8 AM – 17 PM
F: 8 AM – 16 PM
Sa-Su: Closed


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